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分中兩邊更靈活使用空間 IPX3防水功能* 加大的尺寸(寬80厘米) 金屬門較 加厚承托層架,每層承重30kg 可自由調較櫃腳的高度(只作調整地面不平情況) 底部有五個腳座,令櫃子更穩定 設有安全上鎖固定;容易調整櫃架 尺寸︰80厘米 (長) x 44厘米 (深) x 182厘米 (高) 物料:PP膠料 意大利設計及製造 包裝尺寸:80x24x45cm 重量:16.25kg 包裝︰1個 / 盒 包裝盒內附有安裝說明書,需要自行組裝 Innovative customizing storage space Certified IPX3 water-resistant* XL size (Width 80 cm) Assisted opening system; Metal hinge Shelves with reinforcement bar Adjustable height feet (adjustment for uneven floor only) Six feet on the base to stabilize the cabinet Security lock off; Easy-to-adjust shelves Size : 80 cm (L) x 44 cm (D) x 182 cm (H) Material: PP Designed and Made in Italy Paacking size: 80x24x45.5cm Weight: 16.25kg Packaging : 1 cabinet / box The installation manual is included in the package and needs to self-assembly Instruction Manual:



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請把儲物櫃固定於牆身上使用 (鏍絲及螺絲錨不包括於貨品內)。請選擇對應牆身物料相對應的螺絲錨)

*定義為水以最高60°的任何角度作為噴霧落下。<br>要求是被測設備(EUT)不會受到從任何方向噴射到外殼上的水的有害影響。<br>測試細節包括至少五分鐘的測試持續時間,0.7升/分鐘的水量和80-100kN / m 2的壓力。

#The backplate is made of Polypropylene plate, which is soft and relatively high, which helps adjust other positions when encountering thermal expansion and contraction problems.

The loading capacity indicated needs to be respected. Weight equally distributed.<br>For optimum stability on uneven surfaces, regulate the cupboard using the screws under the front feet.

Fasten the cupboard to the wall (screws and anchors are not included). Choose the anchor according to the surface.

*Defined as water falling as a spray at any angle up to 60°.<br>The requirement is that the equipment under test (EUT), shall experience no harmful effects from the water being sprayed against the enclosure from any direction.<br>The test details include a test duration of at least five minutes, water volume of 0.7 liters per minute and pressure of 80-100 kN/m².