SPECTRUM - 蜂巢櫃桶儲物整理盤 3" x 12" Hexa Drawer Organization 3"x12"



3" x 12" x H2" 7.62cm x 30.48cm x 5.08cm 配合其它尺寸的Hexa產品,拼合一個最適合你的櫃桶儲物環境。 特徵: 減少灰塵積聚,疏水氣,以保持托盤清潔 清潔簡單:只需將托盤從抽屜中提出,即可擦拭和清潔抽屜 非常適合存放廚房餐具和其他器皿和小配件 材料:塑料 清潔:用濕布擦拭並擦乾。 不要放入洗碗機。 FEATURES: Dirt and dust fall through open hexagons to keep trays clean No hassle cleaning: simply lift tray out of drawer to wipe and clean drawer Perfect for storing kitchen flatware and other utensils and gadgets MATERIALS: Plastic CARE: Wipe with a damp cloth and towel dry. Do not put in dishwasher.

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