Spectrum - 肥皂碟 |Soap Saver



使用 Spectrum Soap Saver 保存您的肥皂。 器具有一系列凸起的釘子,可防止肥皂坐在水中並變糊。 由耐用但柔韌的塑料製成。 自豪地在美國設計和製造。 尺寸:高0.75" x 闊W4.25" x 深 3.25" 重量:0.1磅 Preserve your bars of soap with the Spectrum Soap Saver. This handy saver features a series of raised pegs that will keep your soap bars from sitting in water and turning mushy. Made of durable, yet flexible plastic. Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. Size: H0.75" x W4.25" x D3.25" Weight: 0.1lb

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