TOVOLO FLEX-CORE® 全矽湯匙加攪拌匙套裝 All Silicone Spoon and Slotted Spoon



一套有晒基本所需,攪拌隔渣,share food,夾沙律炒飯麵一對做齊 完全光滑的表面 尼龍芯增加剛性 符合人體工程學的手柄,握感舒適 鮮艷的色彩不會褪色和被刮去 最高受熱溫度為315℃ / 600℉ 不含BPA (酚甲烷) 能安心使用洗碗機快速清潔 Perfect cooking set, stirring, sharing salad, noodle, fire rice Soft edges to scrape sides clean Completely smooth surface Nylon Core for added rigidity Ergonomically shaped handle for a comfortable grip Heat resistant to 315℃ / 600℉ BPA free Dishwasher safe