Food Huggers 兩件裝牛油果保鮮套 Set of 2 Avocado Huggers®



兩個不同尺寸幫助你用於不同大小的牛油果 顏色:鮮綠色 大牛油果保鮮套:可用於由 11至13 cm 長及 9 至10 cm 闊的牛油果 細牛油果保鮮套:可用於由 9 至11 cm 長及 6 至 7.5 cm 闊的牛油果 果皮或外皮是大自然保護和保存食物的方式。 一旦它被移除,門就打開了,水果或蔬菜變質的速度要快得多。 通過防止水果或蔬菜失去水分並防止空氣和細菌進入,Food Hugger 延長了水果的壽命。 到底延長多少時間? 就保質期而言,不同的水果和蔬菜種類繁多,不可能給出一個答案。 檸檬和酸橙等柑橘類水果可以保存數週,而番茄則不會保存那麼久。 許多水果(如牛油果)在很大程度上取決於您第一次用food hugger時,水果或蔬菜的成熟程度。 我們確信,當您將水果和蔬菜存放在 Food Hugger® 中時,您將有更多的時間來享用它們。 Two sizes help make sure you are prepared for avocados large and small. Color: Fresh Green Large Avocado Hugger will fit avocados between 11-13 cm long and 9-10 cm wide. Small Avocado Hugger will fit avocados between 9-11 cm long and 6-7.5 cm wide. That peel or skin was Nature's way of protecting and preserving the food. Once it was removed, the door was opened for the fruit or veggie to spoil much much faster. By preventing the fruit or veggie from losing moisture and keeping air and bacteria out the Food Hugger extends the life of the fruit. How much more time EXACTLY? There is a lot of variety across different fruits and veggies in terms of how long they last and it's impossible to give one answer. Citrus fruits like lemons and limes can last for weeks while a tomato will not last as long. Many fruits (like avocados) depend a great deal on how ripe the fruit or veggie is when you first hug it. We are certain that you will get lots of extra time to enjoy your fruits and vegetables when you store them in a Food Hugger®.