TOVOLO 哥爾夫球造型冰模 (2件裝) | GOLF BALL ICE MOLDS (SET OF 2)



保持冰冷:大塊冰球融化緩慢減慢稀釋飲品,冰塊可能會持續足夠長的時間,可以倒入威士忌飲用。 疊層模具:牢固的蓋子和平坦的底座可確保模具在冰箱內良好堆疊。利用冰箱中的垂直空間一次凍結多個冰模。柔軟的矽膠蓋可以順暢地脫落,因此冰很容易從模具中脫出。 輕鬆享受:堅固的塑料結構,防漏設計和注水管線使該冰格易於使用。耐用的食品級模具不含BPA,可安全使用洗碗機清洗,以提供最佳的用戶體驗。 尺寸和保養:長3.25英寸X寬3.25英寸X高4.25英寸;不含BPA的矽膠和塑料模具對洗碗機安全。 包裝︰1組2件 / 盒 * CHILL ALL DRINKS: The large 2.5" sphere ice ball is perfect for your favorite low- or highball glasses. Slow-melting globes chill drinks for a long-lasting, refreshing drink. Also great for iced tea, cold brew coffee, soda, lemonade and punch. * CREATE SOPHISTICATED COCKTAILS: Create extra-large golf ball ice for a unique look for your drinks. These unique molds deliver the art and science of slow-melting, perfectly formed ice in the shape of a golf ball—ideal for drinks at the 19th hole.  * KEEP DRINKS COLD LONGER: Avoid watery drinks by using these large, slow-melting ice balls to chill your drink. Large ice cubes melt slowly to prevent diluting drinks, and ice may last long enough to pour a few more fingers of whiskey over it. * STACK MOLDS: Secure lid and flat base ensures molds stack nicely inside the freezer. Freeze multiple ice molds at once by utilizing the vertical space in your freezer. Flexible silicone lids come off smoothly, so ice comes out of the mold with ease. * ENJOY WITHOUT WORRY: The sturdy plastic construction, leak proof design, and water fill line make this ice tray easy to use for anyone. The durable, food-grade molds are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe for the best possible user experience. * DIMENSIONS & CARE: 3.25" L X 3.25" W X 4.25" H; BPA-free silicone and plastic molds are dishwasher-safe. Packaging : set of 3 / box