TOVOLO 環保保鮮套(1套3件) | SEAL&STORE (SET of 3)



循環再用,不再使用膠袋及保鮮紙去保鮮切開的食材! *有機矽網延伸,以保護不同大小的食材,從而實現氣密密封 * 蓋子牢固地卡入托盤 * 洗碗機適用 * 食物安全 * 不含BPA * 材料:尼龍,塑料,矽膠 No more waste! Replace plastic bags and wrap to extend the freshness of halved fruit and veggies. From limes & grapefruit to avocados & onions, there is a size for all your produce storage. Silicone web stretches to keep different sized produce in place for an air-tight seal * Cover securely snaps into the tray * Dishwasher safe * Food Safe * BPA Free * Materials: Nylon, Plastic, Silicone