TOVOLO FLEX-CORE® 全矽膠迷你刮及匙刮(兩件裝) All Silicone Mini Spatula & Spoonula (Set of 2)



對於現代廚師。 矽膠手柄非常適合處理光滑的食物準備工作。 非常適合混合、折疊、上菜、塗抹、刮擦和翻轉。 迷你版更適合細小容器攪拌 邊緣逐漸變細,以將側面刮乾淨 完全光滑的表面,均勻塗抹 方角適合狹窄的地方 尼龍芯增加剛性 符合人體工程學的手柄,握感舒適 鮮艷的色彩不會褪色和被刮去 最高受熱溫度為315℃ / 600℉ 不含BPA (酚甲烷) 能安心使用洗碗機快速清潔 For the modern chef. Silicone handle is great for working with slippery food prep. Perfect for mixing, folding, serving, spreading, scraping, and flipping. Perfect for mixing at small size containers Edges tapered to a sharp point to scrape sides clean Completely smooth surface for even spreading Square corner fits into tight spots Nylon Core for added rigidity Ergonomically shaped handle for a comfortable grip Heat resistant to 315℃ / 600℉ BPA free Dishwasher safe