TRAMONTINA CENTURY 7" 廚師刀 (尖頭) | CENTURY 7” COOK’S KNIFE (POINT TIP) | 巴西製造 | 冰點鋼 | NSF 認可 | 洗碗碟機適用 | made in Brazil | sub zero treatment | NSF | Dishwasher safe



巴西製造 NSF認可 刀片採用優質不銹鋼製成,並高效承受零度以下溫度; 含有玻璃纖維的手柄增強了聚碳酸酯,具有良好的防止碰擊能力; 持久的光澤; 能安心使用洗碗機快速清潔 Century是專為廚師和美食家而設的系列。聚碳酸酯和玻璃纖維手柄完美符合人體工程學,在切割時提供舒適和安全。刀片確保更高質和更長的耐用性。 Made in Brazil NSF Approved Its forged blade ensures much higher resistance and longer durability. Blade made of stainless steel of highest quality that, with efficient heat treatment sub-zero; Reinforced polycarbonate handle with fiberglass, has good resistant to impacts Long lasting shine Dishwasher safe Century is a high-performance line created for chefs, gourmets and gourmands. Precision is the main feature of this knife line, enabling the cutting of extremely thin slices required by the most elaborate recipes. The poly-carbonate and fiberglass handle is perfectly ergonomic, affording comfort and safety when cutting.

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