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The Lollygagger Outdoor Sofa is a natural extension of our Lollygagger Collection. By unanimous consent, we took the Lollygagger Outdoor Lounge Chair and extended it to accommodate two people for a clean modern outdoor sofa. The seat and back angles work precisely together to create a synonymous symmetry of comfort for both loungers. This outdoor couch also includes an integrated bottle opener beneath the right arm. The Lollygagger Outdoor Sofa likes to hang out with everyone in the Lollygagger family; but sometimes it likes to just be all alone too. For a taller seat height see the Tall Lollygagger Sofa. As a piece of the Lollygagger Collection, 1% of the gross sales from this sofa are donated annually to charitable groups. Read more about One Percent For the Planet here. + DIMENSIONS Depth: 46.5″ (117.8cm) Depth: 29.5" (74.9cm) Height: 29.5" (74.9cm) + WEIGHT Weight: 73.0 lb + ASSEMBLY Instruction Ref:



we enhance people, the planet and our company in everything we do.

With sustainability ethics in mind, Loll aims to play a role in a circular economy where plastics made will be recycled continuously, thus reducing waste. Did you know all Loll products can be recycled at the end of its life? We were founded on principles of efficient and responsible use/reuse of materials, which is why during the production process we recycle more than 88 percent of our manufacturing waste and the remainder is incinerated to make electricity. Striving towards zero waste has created recycling programs for anything that can be recycled. It's impossible not to leave an environmental footprint and we do all that we can to mitigate it while making maintenance free furniture so you can appreciate the outdoors.


Since 2005, we have recycled more than 135 million milk jugs into modern outdoor furniture.

Recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
All Loll outdoor furniture is made with recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE), one of the most commonly used plastics in the U.S. Because of its longevity, durability, and lack of maintenance, HDPE is used in countless practical applications, such as food containers, outdoor playground equipment, cutting boards, bathroom partitions, and boat cabinetry. Loll’s recycled material is sourced primarily from single-use milk jug containers.


Post-consumer and post-industrial content
Post-consumer content is a material that has been used by consumers and diverted or recovered from waste destined for a landfill. Post-industrial content (also called pre-consumer content) is scrap that has been diverted or recovered during the manufacturing process. Colored material, which makes up the majority of our products, is post-consumer recycled HDPE sourced mainly from single-use milk jugs. The black material in our products is post-industrial recycled HDPE. An estimated eight recycled milk jugs are used in every pound of weight in a Loll chair.


Recycled – and recyclable
In making our modern outdoor furniture, we generate waste, too. But, more than 88 percent of the waste from Loll’s manufacturing process is sent to a local recycling plant where it is recycled again. From the HDPE plastic to the aluminum inserts and stainless steel fasteners, Loll furniture is all recyclable. Through our material reutilization program, customers can send products or parts back to us, and we’ll ensure all the materials are properly recycled and don’t end up in a landfill.


Loll colors
Loll’s material is nonporous and will not collect dirt internally. All Loll HDPE material is colored with pigments that are added during the process of extruding the sheet. Colors are not a surface application but are consistent all the way through the material. All material has a UV package added with the pigment to reduce the effects of the sun and help to deter fading. White, black and darker colors resist fading more than lighter colors.


Made in the U.S.A. to help local U.S economies

Manufactured in Duluth, MN
Loll purchases materials from the USA to manufacture our products in the USA. This means we reduce shipping distances to our facility. Many products made in China actually start their life in the USA as raw materials shipped to China to be manufactured. Then, they are shipped back to the USA as finished goods for distribution. By purchasing products from Loll and other companies who also manufacture in the USA, you help local U.S. economies. For that, we thank you.


Cradle to Cradle® Certifications Emphasize Loll Designs' Commitment to the Environment and Product Transparency

he Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute works with companies to set them on a path of continuous improvement, prioritizing the environment and human health.  With many certifications out there, and with even more of them being self-declared, we felt Cradle to Cradle® was the one to pursue in that it demanded third-party verification. Moreover, they provide a comprehensive overview of your company, evaluating you in five categories including material health, material reutilization, renewable energy and carbon management, water stewardship, and social fairness.  

Upon being thoroughly investigated in these five categories, we attained an overall Cradle to Cradle Certified SILVER™ rating for 84% of our product line.  Earning Cradle to Cradle SILVER rating in the material health category means the material makeup of our products have undergone a complete review of their human and environmental health characteristics, and have been deemed acceptable or preferable.  In addition to providing product traceability, this certification also provides legitimacy for the many social and environmental pursuits we do for our employees and the community.  To read more about Loll’s Cradle to Cradle to certification, please see our blog post.

Cradle to Cradle Certified™ is a certification mark licensed by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.
Cradle to Cradle® is a registered trademark of MBDC.


1% for the Planet connects businesses, consumers, and nonprofits, empowering all of us to drive big, positive change.

We donate annually 1% of the gross sales from all pieces in the Lollygagger Collection to charitable groups.

Loll is proud member of 1% for the Planet, a global movement of companies donating at least 1% of their annual net revenues to environmental organizations worldwide. A member since 2008, Loll is grateful to be a part of this alliance of businesses financially committed to positive environmental change.

At Loll, we think globally and act locally with our donations. A big thanks goes out to the groups listed below for their earnest environmental efforts, but also to our customers who make our donations possible in the most significant way.